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Mario Mantero - Silvia Cardazzi

From harm “to oneself and others” to “social dangerousness”

A controversial assessment both in clinical and forensic psychiatry

Issue 3/2021

Abstract. We have focused our attention on the perception of social danger connected to the psychiatric patient as perceived by the law and by psychiatry in Italy. We have tried to capture the current general feeling for this controversial concept which is both obsolete and, at same time, vividly current. We also considered the assessment of social dangerousness in the forensic practice and the technical strong points as well as the limitations of such an evaluation.

This article was submitted anonymously for evaluation by two expert reviewers, with a positive outcome.


SUMMARY: 1. Foreword. – 2. The “dangerousness” of the psychiatric patient and the position of the caregivers. – 3. The concept of social dangerousness in psychiatric forensic practice. – 4. The assessment of social dangerousness.


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