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Giuliano Turone

The murder of Piersanti Mattarella

Issue 1/2020

We publish here, with kind editorial permission, the text, revised by the Author, of the chapter XII of the volume Italia occulta. Dal delitto Moro alla strage di Bologna. Il triennio maledetto che sconvolse la Repubblica (1978-1980), by Giuliano Turone, Chiarelettere, 2019, pp. 227 ff.



SUMMARY: 1. The dynamics of the crime and the issue of the license plates. – 2. The presumed causes of the crime. – 3. An anomalous mafia lead: the perverse pact between Cosa Nostra and Valerio Fioravanti’s Nar. – 4. The statements of Cristiano Fioravanti and the figure of Francesco Mangiameli. – 5. Francesco Mangiameli’s confidences to his comrade and friend Alberto Volo. – 6. The recognition of Valerio Fioravanti as the killer by the widow Mattarella and the revelations of Stefano Soderini. – 7. The camouflaged license plate of the car and partial plate pieces in a Terza posizione cover. – 8. The role of Fabrizio Zani, robber and warehouse worker of the subversive right. – 9. The evidentiary importance of the «two pieces of the license plate» of via Monte Asolone.


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