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This E-book collects the reports made by the Authors on the occasion of the Conference “Il tempo della pena: vite sospese“, organized and promoted by the Criminal Chamber of Oristano, held in Stintino, on October 3, 2020.

SUMMARY: 1. Presentation (by Rosaria Manconi). – 2. When the law becomes emotion (by Monica Murru). –3. Criminal justice and the deception of time (by Rosaria Manconi). – 4. Prison of the past (by Stefania Amato). – 5. Asinara, paths of the soul (by Maria Brucale). – 6. The useful time, as long as it is short and sensible. A look from/to the juvenile criminal justice system (by Raffaele Bianchetti). – 7. Health and prison: the suspended time of the punishment (by Antonella Calcaterra). – 8. About islands and hopes. Serving a sentence and returning to the society (by Fabio Gianfilippi). – 9. The time gap between the error made (the crime) and the penalty (by Francesco Lai). – 10. On the “substantial” face of the execution of the sentence: between alternatives to prison and freedom from prison (by Veronica Manca). – 11. Accessory penalties (by Michele Passione). – 12. Dark times for justice, even darker for criminal execution (by Riccardo Polidoro). – 13. Title (by Domenico Putzolu). – 14. The pain of waiting (by Franco Villa). – 15. Enforcement of the sentence: the expulsion from their land and family (by Herika Dessi). – 16. Mario Trudu’s eternal sentence and the deliverance of a Homeric life-convict (by Francesca de Carolis).


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