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Francesco Martin

Brief points of reflections on the “Cura Italia” decree

From the prison emergency to some application proposals

Issue 4/2020

Abstract. This contribution analyzes the d.l. no. 18, 17 March 2020, c.d. “Cura Italia”, in the part in which it introduces changes to the procedural terms, also with reference to the penitentiary system.
In this last aspect, the changes introduced to Law no. 199, November 26, 2010 and its practical applications are of particular interest.
In sharing the ratio’s decree, the comment also focuses on the lack of a possible rule aimed at preventing Covid-19 spreading in prisons and on the problems concerning the Surveillance Courts.
The concrete proposals made to the Minister of Justice by the Presidents of the Surveillance Courts of Milan and Brescia are therefore analyzed to deal with this increasingly complex and problematic prison emergency.

SUMMARY: 1. Changes to procedural terms. – 2. Innovations of the penitentiary system. – 3. Proposals for concrete application: the opinion of the Supervisory Court¬. – 4. Conclusions


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