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Vincenzo Scalia

Culture, relation and harm. Defining white collar crimes

Issue 11/2021

Abstract. The analysis of white collar crime is an independent, as well as multifaceted branch, of criminology. This work focuses on the analysis of the three main approaches: the differential association by Edwin Sutherland, the relational one proposed by Ruggiero, and the zemiology branch, focused on the social harm. A new, wider definition of such crimes, that is crimes of the powerful, encompassing state crimes, will become necessary.

SUMMARY: 1. Introduction. – 2. Between Enlightenment and Positivism. A social or a criminal matter? – 3. Between differential opportunity and Marxism: a definition of white collar crimes. – 4. Crimes of the powerful: abundance and relational network. – 5. Social Harms and victims. Zemiology and State Crime Theory. – 6. Conclusions.


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