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Paolo Oddi

In memory of Moussa, who committed suicide in the Cpr of Turin

“Balde amendment” to protect migrants who are victims of crime



Issue 6/2021


«A noi non è concesso di esistere. Siamo solo flusso,
docili ci adattiamo ad ogni forma,
attraversiamo, ci spinge la sete di esistere […]».
Hermann Hesse[1]


Abstract. This reflection highlights the paradox of the migrant who, although a victim of crime, is imprisoned in a CPR in execution of a deportation order. The inhuman conditions of administrative detention are accompanied by a macroscopic gap in the Immigration Act that allows the detention of crime victims for the fact of being irregular on the territory.


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[1] H. Hesse, Poesie del pellegrinaggio, ed. Tea, 1995.


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