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Emanuele Bignamini

It is easy to say “addiction”…

When oversimplification becomes the limit of diagnosis and treatment of pathological dependencies

Issue 4/2020

Abstract. Addiction in not a simple and a linear question. To take drugs means not automatically being an addict. This is a tautology which does not allow us to understand neither the problem nor the person or situation which we face. The diagnostic process, from which decisions that have concrete consequences on people’s lives depend, is not as linear as you think. Instead, to make a diagnosis, it is necessary to understand the person and the situation in deep with a wide visual in order to evaluate the potential and strategies for change. The aim of this work is to discuss the limits of the instruments we routinely use to define the problem and to suggest a more comprehensive and multisciplinary approach.

SUMMARY: 1. IIntroduction. – 2. Terminology. – 3. Nosology. – 4. Secondary and primary addiction. – 5. Dual diagnosis and addiciton related psychopatology. – 6. Theory of addiction. – 7. Tools and problems in diagnosis process of addiction. – 8. In the end: a few thoughts.


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