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Italy acquits, Strasbourg condemns

The tragedy of prisoners’ suicides requires law reforming to ensure a better protection to detenees dealing with mental-health issues. Some thoughts on ECHR, Sec. I, June, 4th, judgment Citraro and Molino v. Italy

Issue 7-8/2020

Abstract. The article proposes some thoughts on the ECHR judgment on the case of an Italian detenee that committed suicide in prison, enlighting the strucutral nature of the problem, requiring a law reforming to protect prisoners dealing with mental-health issues.

SUMMARY: 1. «The king is naked!» – 2. The evaluation of the European Court imposes a particularly high standard of diligence. – 3. Parameters of due diligence in the face of risk for the value of life. An “eschatological” jurisprudence. – 4. Psychiatric healthcare in the penitentiary setting A.D. 2020. – 5. The deep malaise of prison: a systemic pathology that requires radical reform intervention.


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