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Susanna Colombo - Raffaele Bianchetti

Reporter Without Borders. The “white zone” of press freedom has never been smaller

Observations on World Press Freedom Index 2021: information is obstructed in over 130 countries

Issue 5/2021

Abstract. This contribution aims to provide a brief analysis of the data and contents of the recent World Press Freedom Index 2021 by Reporters Without Borders (RSF), which shows a worrying picture of the global situation of press freedom. Journalism, the main «vaccine against disinformation», is completely or partially blocked in 73% of the countries classified by the organization, confirming the well-known fact that control of information is a way to exercise power and govern the masses.

SUMMARY: 1. Introduction. – 2. Suicides and critical occurrences in Italian jails. – 3. Covid-19 outbreak and prison Italian environment. – 4. Solitary confinement. – 5. Alternative penitentiary measures. – 6. Closing remarks.


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