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Marco Bouchard

Regarding the role of the victims

Dialogue with Tamar Pitch and Andrea Pugiotto

Issue 4/2019

Abstract. It is a fact that the victims have conquered the scene of criminal systems, media space and political arena. The victimisation syndrome is a dangerous weapon for the populist and security drifts that it originates as well as it risks blowing up the constitutional provisions of the trial guarantees of the accused. The author argues – in the long-distance dialogue with Tamar Pitch and Andrea Pugiotto – that the real antidote is not to expel it from the criminal circuit, but to concretely implement combined strategies of care and security, assistance and protection for the real victims, as well as to radically rethink the idea of vulnerability and the structure of the penalty on the axis of repair.


SUMMARY: 1. The theses of Tamar Pitch and Andrea Pugiotto. – 2. Insecurity. – 3. Victims’ rights. – 4. Vulnerability. – 5. Restorative justice.


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