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Issue 11/2020

This Article is the adaptation of a forthcoming work in Processo e cultura giuridica. Procedure and Legal Culture. Scritti degli allievi e degli amici per gli 80 anni di Vincenzo Varano, Giappichelli, 2020.


Abstract. The story of two Romanian beggars and of their judicial misadventures in Florence seems to suggest that the “rule of law” easily becomes nothing more than an empty box when institutions decide to target those who lead a marginal life in big towns. The Italian machinery of justice, both criminal and civil, observed from their standpoint appears as completely blind to the condition of weaker parties, although (almost) all involved actors can argue to have correctly performed their professional tasks.

This article was submitted anonymously for evaluation by two expert reviewers, with a positive outcome.


SUMMARY: 1. Introduction. – 2. Rule of law. – 3. Audiatur et altera pars. – 4. Certainty of punishment.


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