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Pietro Buffa

The Penitentiary Confiteor. The darkness and reckless choices that help violence in penitentiary – 1/3

When the stone of images falls in the pool of indifference

Issue 2/2022

Abstract. One year after the facts, a video spreads perpetuated images towards prisoners of Santa Maria Capua Vetere prison ward. The istitutional,political and trade union reactions, often opposite to each other, are unleashed. This is an obvious sign of a different way of evaluating abuse of force within the penitentiary structures. A narrative cosmology which refers to a overwhelming socio-political system, and partially, negatively influential, towards penitentiary system.

SUMMARY: 1. You must have seen. – 2. To react, do it quickly and well: time trap. – 3. Narratives and interests. – Voices of politcs. – 4. Narratives and Interests. – Union reactions. – 5. Reactions from civil society.


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