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Alessandra Ferrazzi Portalupi

Cannabis today: can I or can’t I?

The Italian jurisprudential guidelines on the main controversial issues on the subject

Issue 2/2021

Abstract. This paper aims to check the status of Italian case-law on the use, cultivation and marketing of cannabis. The analysis is organized according to themes, focusing on the main controversial issues, which are illustrated immediately and then deepened in the text. Several judgments, more or less recent, have been taken into consideration in order to offer the reader an overview as complete as possible of the interpretation provided by case-law, in particular by the Supreme Court, regarding the different issues addressed.

SUMMARY: 1. Introduction. – 2. Italian legal framework and controversial profiles. – 3. Minor cases ex art. 73 paragraph 5. – 4. Cultivation for personal use. – 5. Group use. – 6. The thorny issue of light cannabis. – 7. Drug addicted: responsible or unfit to plead? – 8. Conclusions.


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