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Issue 2/2020

Abstract. The trial against some state police officers and officials and a justice of peace who are accused of illegally provoking the expulsion and repatriation of Mrs. Alma Shalabayeva and her daughter Alua began a few months ago in Perugia. The paper describes the genesis and development of the facts that led to the trial.


SUMMARY: 1. The genesis of the story: Mukhtar Kabulovich Ablyazov and his fall out of favor. – 2. The events that led to the expulsion of Alma Shalabayeva and his daughter Alua. – 2.1. The nighttime raid on the Casal Palocco villa. – 2.2. The events immediately following the raid. – 2.3. Shalabayeva’s reaction and consequential measures. – 3. The version of the interior and foreign ministers. – 3.1. The interior minister’s version. – 3.2. The foreign minister’s version. – 4. The version of Mukhtar Ablyazov and Alma Shalabayeva. – 5. The subsequent amendments to the status of Alma Shalabayeva and her daughter Alua and the outcome of the appeal in cassation. – 6. Additional data of interest. – 6.1. Warnings about human rights violations in Kazakhstan. – 6.2. ENI’s presence in Kazakhstan. – 6.3. The role of S.I.R.A. INVESTIGAZIONI SRL. – 6.4. Bolat Seraliyev’s conditions the day after the raid on Casal Palocco. – 6.5. Urgent interpellation no. 2-01193 of the deputy Manlio Di Stefano and the clarifications of the undersecretary of state Gianpiero Bocci. – 6.6. The proposal to establish a parliamentary commission of inquiry into the expulsion and repatriation of Alma Shalabayeva and her daughter. – 6.7. The position taken by SIULP. – 7. The Perugia investigation and its current state. – 8. The current fate of the people involved in the criminal trial. – 9. Few conclusive reflections.


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The recording of the hearings of Perugian criminal proceeding, subject of this Reflection, is available on this page of Radio Radicale website.


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