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Francesco Provinciali

Contested children. Causes and origins of juvenile distress

Parents in conflict and scholastic issues. A look at the practice of the Juvenile Court

Issue 2/2021

Abstract. This contribution is the result of a reflection on the experience gained by the author in dealing with cases of conflict or parental inconvenience originating in the family context and evaluated by the juvenile court. They are attributable to the regulatory provision referred to in art. 317 bis of the Italian Civil Code[1] until this matter was the responsibility of juvenile judges, and then passed to the jurisdiction of the ordinary court, family section.

SUMMARY: 1. Crisis of the family and decline of the father figure. Anthropological and social aspects of contemporary reality. – 2. At the origins of educational risk and scholastic issues. – 3. Conflicting parents: the reasons for the dispute in a situation of couple separation. – 4. Children contested by conflicting parents. – 5. Bread, love and CTU. – 6. Disputed children. Between memories, grudges and destiny.


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[1] Il quale recita, nella sua attuale formulazione: «1. Gli ascendenti hanno diritto di mantenere rapporti significativi con i nipoti minorenni. 2. L’ascendente al quale è impedito l’esercizio di tale diritto può ricorrere al giudice del luogo di residenza abituale del minore affinché siano adottati i provvedimenti più idonei nell’esclusivo interesse del minore […]».


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