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Pietro Buffa

Escaping from prison: brief phenomenological reflections

Issue 4/2019

AbstractEscapes are a phenomenon known in literature, in cinema and in the common vernacular, but very little studied with a scientific approach. The research investigates the escapes that occurred in Italy over a decade between 2007 and 2017, analysing the inspection material produced in the search for responsibilities. Beyond the results obtained, the author highlights the need to change the approach, now of a regulatory nature and aimed at seeking individual responsibility, which undoubtedly has the function of reassuring the organization and the social sphere itself. However, only the transition from an approach based on the predominant culture of guilt to a systemic organization could enable us to improve our knowledge and understanding of the phenomenon.

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SUMMARY: 1. Introduction. – 2. The research, the method and its sources. – 2.1. The number of fugitives per event. – 2.2. Escapes by type and size of institutes. – 2.3. The custodial regime. – 2.4. Gender. – 2.5. Age. – 2.6. Nationality. – 2.7. The legal position. – 2.8. Recurrence. – 3. The dynamics of escapes. – 3.1. Planning vsimprovisation. – 3.2. Escapes and everyday life. – 3.3. Escape mode by age groups. – 4. The tools. – 5. The fate of the protagonists. – 5.1. The fate of the escapees. – 5.2. The fate of the staff. – 6. Conclusions.


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