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Issue 12/2021

Abstract«Someone must have slandered Josef K., because without doing anything wrong, he was arrested one morning». Debut of a grotesque, distressing and paradoxical story experienced by the young bank employee Josef K. reason for the accusation that hangs on him.
The same court where he goes to have explanations is a dark and mysterious place, full of mazes, stairs, rooms, ibexes and attics where Josef meets surreal, ambiguous, authoritarian characters who prove to be aware of the procedure that concerns him without, however, making explicit the reason.
After exactly one year of attempts to understand what is happening, two characters similar to those who had communicated his arrest and the pending trial, take him from home and execute him with a blow to the heart. Josef dies ‘”like a dog”, these are the words he pronounces upon execution, without a trial and without a sentence. The novel is an allegory of existential anguish, the metaphor of the succession of the weak and the innocent at the hands of a justice armed arm of power. But also the metaphor of human indifference and the fears of life.


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