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Paolo Della Sala

The story of Nasrin Sotoudeh, example and warning

Exactly one year ago Nasrin Sotoudeh was arrested again for her work as a lawyer. Together with her, dozens of Iranian lawyers are being tried without guarantees and imprisoned. To retrace this painful event is a due tribute but, above all, it is a reason for reflection.

Issue 6/2019

Abstract. The work deals with the violation of human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran with specific reference to the field of justice and through the magnifying glass of the case of Nasrin Sotoudeh, Iranian lawyer imprisoned on June 13, 2018, still detained and sentenced to an inhuman and disproportionate punishment. Nods on the Iranian criminal system are developed in connection with the main affair. This contribution is intended in particular to point out the importance of deepening even legal systems “distant” in terms of culture and training also in order to properly frame the problems within our country and the right attitude to deal with them.


SUMMARY 1. Introduction – 2. Let’s rewind the tape. – 3. The specific attack on fundamental rights. – 4. Nasrin Sotoudeh: the context. – 5. Nasrin Sotoudeh: the latest events – 6. The Iranian criminal system and criminal procedure: notes in relation to the Sotoudeh affair. – 7. What are heroes for?


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