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I hate you, “in the name of God”. The indictment of hatred and discrimination (in particular, on religious grounds) in the Italian legislation

Issue 12/2019

We publish here, courtesy of the Publisher, the present article originally published on the Review Il Diritto Ecclesiastico – Rivista Trimestrale, Year CXXIX,  1-2, January-June 2018, pp. 73 ff.


SUMMARY: 1. Premise. – 2. The XII Constitution transitional and final provision and the 1952 Scelba law. – 3. The law of October 13, 1975, n. 654. – 3.1. The crime of propagating ideas based on racial or ethnic superiority or hatred. – 3.2. The crime of incitement to discrimination, or committing acts of discrimination on racial, ethnic, national or religious grounds. – 3.3. The crime of incitement to commit, or committing violence or acts of provocation to violence for racial, ethnic, national or religious reasons. – 3.4. The prohibition on organizations whose purposes include incitement to discrimination or violence on racial, ethnic, national or religious grounds. – 4. The 1993 Mancino law. – 5. The indictment of denialism (law n. 115 of 2016). – 6. Do crimes against religious sentiment incriminate (even) religious hatred? – 7. Close.


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