Credits to
Marco Bouchard

Inheritance of revenge and reparation

Rereading of “A Country Tale” by Karen Blixen[1]

Issue 2/2021

Abstract. «A Country Tale» by Karen Blixen has been cited as a paradigmatic example of “self-respect”, of those who are willing to die when their recognition as a subject of rights is jeopardized. The complete reading of the story leads us towards a fresco of transgenerational justice, descriptive of its vengeful and restorative components, intertwined and inevitably complementary. These are aspects that not only characterize the systems but that cross the life of each of us when an offense breaks through the fragile balance that we have built for ourselves.


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[1] K. Blixen, Ultimi racconti, Adelphi, Milano 2000, pp. 215-274.


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