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Issue 3/2021

Abstract. This contribution stems from the awareness that the gap between the penitentiary masscult, which is predominant in our society, and the high one, found within academia, is assuming huge proportions. On the basis of these considerations, the following article aims to investigate some areas in which this gap is widening disproportionately, with a view to proposing solutions that can help to stem it.
These solutions are based on the well-founded belief that only through an observation and fact-finding process of the prison system complexity and its dynamics, is it possible to determine the fundamental prerequisites for the concretization of a penitentiary system reform that succeeds in going beyond even appreciable declarations of intent.
Nowadays it is intensely believed that such an ambitious project should primarily involve academics of this country, which could potentially play a key-role in this cultural renaissance, leading to a new prison reality conception.

SUMMARY: 1. Introduction. – 2.The political and media narrative of the prison environment. – 2.1. Oversemplification and slogan as communicative strategies. – 2.2. Reality concealment: a developing phenomenon. – 3. Which education for a new penitentiary culture? – 4. Restorative justice: a linking for the future. – 5. Closing remarks.


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* Il presente contributo è stato pensato e progettato congiuntamente dalle due autrici: materialmente la dott.ssa Camilla Cosentino ha redatto i paragrafi 1 e 2 e 5, mentre la dott.ssa Susanna Colombo ha redatto i paragrafi 3 e 4.


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